RSS headlines

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are content feeds used to publish frequently updated material, such as items on news sites, blogs and podcasts. RSS feeds allow you to share information and use it on other sites and programs. It is essentially a content syndication format.

The main advantage of the system is its speed. With RSS feeds, users can get headlines without downloading images and other elements of a site. It also makes it easy to gather content from many sites in a single space. Thanks to this technology, users no longer need to think about checking to see if there are new items of interest to them at a particular digital space. Instead, they can receive and organise new headlines in a digital space as soon as they're published.

A program that gathers RSS feeds is called an aggregator. There are many types of aggregators: embedded in web browsers, desktop widgets, in e-mail programs, in dedicated web pages, and in dedicated programs.

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